Ma'ChineseNewXtuffz ..

Yesterday went to Sgwang . Times Square . Pudu Plaza shopping whole days ..

Reach Sgwang early morning around 9a.m and ber-karaoke till 1p.m.. Then ..
went to Lowyat and get myself a Red Canon Original Sling Beg .. Much alike Crumpler.. but I still prefer Crumpler bag as it's more stylish...

But..... No money.. So bo bian lo.. Just buy a ciplak de lo..XD

Went to Times Square to print a so called "Zeen Couple-T Production" .. Red for Mr.GirlFriend and Blue for Me.. XD

And and.... Brought a new sneaker .. for sports event? or just for outing . . . XD pretty much for outing i guess . . . Wa'Zup Sneaker!

den . . . Finally . . .
For over 5 years I'd spent my time with it . . . I'd finally decided to abandon it . .
My RM10 birthday gift - WALLET ... from my friends a.k.a Dailou .!!


Get myself another cheapscake Wallet .. Timberland .. (at least it's no longer RM10)