Ma'ChineseNewXtuffz ..

Yesterday went to Sgwang . Times Square . Pudu Plaza shopping whole days ..

Reach Sgwang early morning around 9a.m and ber-karaoke till 1p.m.. Then ..
went to Lowyat and get myself a Red Canon Original Sling Beg .. Much alike Crumpler.. but I still prefer Crumpler bag as it's more stylish...

But..... No money.. So bo bian lo.. Just buy a ciplak de lo..XD

Went to Times Square to print a so called "Zeen Couple-T Production" .. Red for Mr.GirlFriend and Blue for Me.. XD

And and.... Brought a new sneaker .. for sports event? or just for outing . . . XD pretty much for outing i guess . . . Wa'Zup Sneaker!

den . . . Finally . . .
For over 5 years I'd spent my time with it . . . I'd finally decided to abandon it . .
My RM10 birthday gift - WALLET ... from my friends a.k.a Dailou .!!


Get myself another cheapscake Wallet .. Timberland .. (at least it's no longer RM10)

Wassup' On X'mas

Hehe.. It's been more than a month after X'mas ... Watcha doing on X'mas Day?
I gets Dooodolls again....
Ma' favourite Cupido!~ XD But I decided to call him "Bak Sweet-sweet"... XD
But that's it! It's gonna be my last softtoys,.. don't wish to turn myself into Mui-mui jai who enjoy receiving softtoy... =.=!!

X'Mas is coming .....



Woot! Last last last....Don't know how many last weeks ago.. "The someone" just won first runner-up for Digital Illustration Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia 2009 Competition held by Gempak.

and so... He receives couple of things.. like..Cash$_$!! and watches.. Sneaker.. toys..blah blah blah stuffs....

but most important things...

A Pinkie'Pirate DoooDoll!! XD
which I already confiscated from "The Someone"..

So... Here's my Dooodoll !~~ But why pinkie...TT_TT...

Ma'Doodle Project!

Hey alls!!! Sorry for dumped my blog for quite some times...
It's been soooooOooooOoOOOOOooo busy lately as if thousand ton of works queuing in my to-do-list..
and things aren't finish yet..... !!!!! damn it!!

Anyway, today just finished one of my task and I'm kinda sneaked out to blog here...
Just to post-up some part of my project ...
Ma'Doodle Project!

My Doodle:

Committee's Sketches:

Random post!!

Just to keep my blog updated.. randomly choose a cute little picture of mine.XD 
Btw,Just realized that I often update my blog only on Friday... XD
Because Friday is the most happiest days.. " I Love Friday"!!

wee~ It's another Friday.! XD But this friday is happier because tomorrow is Saturday...
And the coming day is Sunday... and coming coming day is still holiday!! XD
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri - Maaf Zahir & Batin!!

I'll be going back Ipoh this holiday..Happysia~~XD


Hehe .. Updates blog liao ... \(^¬^)/
Simonso and Tallboyz don't want to see my RotiObalat liao... TT∆TT

Anyway, last week me follow "TheSomeone" to Johor..

Took few pictures .... at somewhere ....

Can guess what's this?

Hints #1 Got Light? XD

Hints #2 Can be sit?? XD

Hints #3 Available at Johor Danga Bay..?? XD

Hints #4 Close-up abit..XD

Faster gas....XD
Correct answer will be given ...

Delicious RotiObalat..XD